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Frequently Asked (Aerial) Questions

What are Aerial Classes?

Aerial classes can mean a number of things depending upon where you go and the training of the teacher.  There are many types of Aerial classes out there such as circus/acrobatic, dance, fitness, yoga, and therapeutic to name a few.  It is also dependent upon the type of apparatus you will be using which can have many names such as fabrics, silks, hammocks, rope, trapeze, and more.  Students will use the apparatus which attaches to one or more rig points hanging from the ceiling to wrap, stretch, relax, strengthen, dance, and “fly” through the air.

Ignite studio at this time offers Aerial classes using a two point rig system with an Aerial Fabric Hammock offering fitness, yoga, therapeutic, and coming soon circus/acrobatic styles.

Do I have to take an Intro Class?

Before you sign up for any Aerial class you will need to take the mandatory Intro to Aerial class.  Not only is this to educate you on the equipment and terms we use, but also for you to see if this class is for you.

Intro classes will be in a group setting but if you would like to do a private intro that is an option at a higher cost.

What are the benefits of Aerial?

  • spinal decompression
  • lymphatic movement
  • myo-fascial tissue / adhesion release
  • fun mental acuity
  • feeling of well being
  • core strengthening
  • upper body development
  • lower body stability
  • strengthen postural alignment muscles
  • improve spatial awareness
  • moving your body 3 dimensionally
  • muscle toning and strengthening
  • increased circulation to the pituitary gland
  • increase fluidity and agility in daily living
  • safely experience more advanced positions and deeper poses
  • working with and against gravity creates length and strength
  • lessen pressure on joints to improve range of motion

How do I register for classes?

You must attend an Aerial Intro class before you’ll be allowed to register for any other Aerial classes. It is recommended that you pre-register for classes since our capacity is limited. Registration is required for Intro Classes. You can purchases classes online at WellnessLiving.com, message us via Facebook, email us at info@ignitestudioduluth.com, or visit our studio during class times to sign-up. We accept cash, check (to Ignite Studio) or Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. If you drop into a class and it is full, you will get turned away. If you do drop-in to a class and there are spots available, you are welcome to join.

What should I wear to an Aerial class?

Fitted, stretchy leggings or yoga pants that cover the backs of your knees. Recommended for men: leggings underneath athletic shorts, dancers belt (available at dance stores) if desired. Men may wear just athletic shorts, but be aware that loose shorts will ride up when upside-down.
Fitted, stretchy top that tuck in and cover your armpits.
Absolutely no shoes on the fabric
Absolutely no jewelry or belts on the fabric
For those with long hair, it is recommended that you pull it back so that it doesn’t get tangled in the fabrics or hang in face while upside down.

Do not apply lotion, oils, or perfume/cologne of any kind before or during class.

Is there an age requirement?

Ignite Studio classes are for students 18 or older. Exceptions can be made for students ages 12-17 with parent permission, signed waiver, and adherence to our student safety policy. There is no maximum age, in fact, Aerial classes can slow the aging process, increase strength and flexibility, decompress the spine, and provide an increase in mood!

What if I need to cancel a class?

Since class space is very limited, we must request the following:
Cancellations less than 4 hrs in advance will result in the forfeit of class purchase.

Cancellations more than 4 hrs in advance will be able to be rescheduled.

If Ignite Studio has an emergency class cancellation, or has less than 3 students signed up thus cancelling class, we will e-mail everyone registered no later than 4 hrs in advance, and put the cancellation on the calendar.

Is this safe (are there weight limits)?

Ignite Studio takes your safety very seriously. Our master trainer has been through the top aerial arts teacher certification program in the country including Christopher Harrison’s Anti-Gravity.  All of our trainers are CPR certified, Group Fitness certified and carry commercial liability insurance. Our aerial silks hold up to 2,000lbs, and the rigging holds at least 10,000 lbs. All equipment is rated at a 10:1 safety rating.  We have a regular inspection and maintenance schedule to keep our equipment clean and in good repair.

Your safety is ultimately in your hands.  All students must adhere to Ignite Studio student safety policy, or they will be asked to leave the class.

What is Ignite Studio's Aerial Student Safety Policy?

  1. We insist on a mastery of basic skills before progressing to skills requiring more strength, endurance, stability, and understanding. Our program is based on Levels that build on each other. Students must strictly adhere to the level progression and may not learn or practice skills above their level.Students must be able to execute a pose or sequence with strength, control, and proper body positioning before progressing to a more difficult skill.
  2. Students are not allowed under any circumstances to teach other students or anyone else, any movement, pose, sequence, or skill. This is also known as skill-trading or skill-sharing, and is strictly prohibited. All Aerial activities must be approved and supervised by a certified Ignite Studio trainer of Aerial silks.
  3. Students must get instructor approval before practicing skills that were not taught to them by an Aerial Certified Ignite Studio instructor.  This includes practice of anything that learned off YouTube or other Internet site. If a student wants to learn a skill that they saw on YouTube, or elsewhere, they can email the link to their instructor and ask their instructor to teach it during class allowing ample time for the instructor to evaluate whether the skill is appropriate for the student’s level, and will teach it accordingly.
  4. Students may not be under the influence of alcohol, any illegal drugs, or any prescription or over-the-counter drugs that affect their focus and concentration.
  5. Unsupervised practice is strictly forbidden.
  6. Students must respect their bodies. They are responsible for listening to their bodies, and not pushing them past safe working limits. Be aware that your ability to safely execute sequences may vary daily.
  7. Warm-up properly to avoid pulling or straining muscles.
  8. Absolutely NO zippers, belts, buckles, jewelry, or anything that may cause injury to the student and snag the silks.
  9. Students affected by any of the following contraindications must consult with the instructor and may be required to show a doctor’s release BEFORE attending any Aerial class: Pregnancy, glaucoma, recent surgery (esp. shoulder, eyes, back, hips, hands or wrist), heart disease, very high or low blood pressure, easy onset vertigo, osteoporosis / bone weakness, recent head injury, cerebral sclerosis, propensity for fainting, carpal tunnel syndrome, severe arthritis, sinusitis or head cold, hiatal hernia, disc herniation or acute, discogenic disease, recent stroke, artificial hips, radiculitis (inflammation of nerve root in spine), severe muscle spasms, botox injections (within 6 hours).
  10. Come to class ON TIME, with an open mind, and ready to FLY!

How long will it take me to learn Aerial?

Students are encouraged to learn aerial arts at their own pace. Our program is designed for all body types and abilities. Students with high levels of conditioning and a strong background in movement arts such as gymnastics, dance, yoga, rock-climbing, pole dancing or martial-arts often advance more rapidly because they already possess a greater body awareness and greater level of physical conditioning. Students with a lower strength to weight ratio will need to focus on conditioning and weight loss to be able to progress through the levels. To progress more rapidly, students should come to class or practice 2-3 days per week.

What if I experience soreness and/or stiffness?

Aerial work is a highly intense fitness program. Expect to be sore after class. Soreness should last 2-3 days, and typically occurs in the fingers, forearms, back, and abs. If soreness lasts longer than 5 days, consider taking a break until completely healed. Even if new students are in good shape, as with any new movement practice, they will probably still experience soreness. Aerial work is a unique fitness program because it introduces the body to the instability of suspension. The body must strengthen all the tiny stabilizer muscles that don’t normally get used. Expect to experience soreness regularly after class for about 4-6 weeks. Some of the skills taught in class may cause a deep tissue massage like feeling where the silk meets or wraps with the body which can be uncomfortable for many students. The discomfort subsides with regular practice, proper alignment, and appropriate clothing.

What can I do to build up my strength for Aerial classes?

A great way to condition for Aerial classes is to regularly attend our Aerial Fit or Barre classes. These classes build core, upper body, and overall strength for all levels, from Beginner to Advanced.

Here are some helpful exercises you can do outside of class:

Pilates type leg lifts
Forearm grip toners (squeeze balls, springs, gyro-balls)
Pull Ups
Lat Pull-downs
Incline Sit-ups
Hanging leg-lifts

What can I do to make the most of my class?

  • Avoid new upper-body work-outs the day before class which may cause you to be sore the day of class.
  • Get enough sleep the night before and avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Eat something no closer than 60-90 min prior to class
  • Drink plenty of water before, during, and after class. Bring a water bottle.
  • Students prone to dizziness or motion sickness are encouraged to take necessary precautions such as ginger tea, ginger candy, or dramamine about an hour before class.

What are your code of ethics?

  • I will respect my body, trainers and fellow students.
  • I will bring any complaints, problems, or concerns to the attention of the studio manager immediately after class.
  • I will adhere to the dress code and student safety policy.
  • I will not publicly perform Aerial skills taught by Ignite Studio without written approval.
  • I will be on-time for class or risk my space being given away
  • I will only take photos/videos of myself or others (with permission) after receiving approval from the trainer & at least one of the Ignite Studio owners.

Is it possible to have a private aerial training?

Yes. We offer one on one training or if you want to come with a friend, partner, sibling etc. we also accommodate that in private lessons. Pricing for a private session for one person is $30. Two people $60

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