April Comments and Suggestions

“Love ūüôā “- Sabrina

“This is an amazing studio” – Alyssa

“You guys are the best ever. ¬†Thanks for working so hard to bring zumba, fitness and joy to our lives.” – Anon

Thanks for all the love and positive vibes.  We all love what we do and are thrilled that we are making you guys happy.

“My birthday party was great and so cool. ¬†Thanks.” – Clementine

Yeah, Clementine!!  You are such a great little ambassador for Zstudio and thanks for celebrating your special day at Zstudio.  Zstudio offers private classes for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, kids and so much more.  If you are interested let us know.

“I miss having 2 classes in the mornings. ¬†11am toning.” – Amanda

We still offer two 11am classes during the week.  On Wednesday we have Zcore led by Amanda Wenzel and on Friday Buti Yoga led by Aubrey Amborn.  While both may not be the traditional toning class you are looking for we suggest you give them a shot.  Zcore not only focuses on core work but all over body toning and strength building. Buti Yoga will work your muscles while helping you increase flexibility.  Give them a try!!

“I love Amanda’s evening classes!! I would like one on the new schedule if possible.” – Melissa C.

We love Amanda too but due to various Instructor changes in availability Amanda moved to Wednesday 11am with her Zcore class.  She would love to see you at it.  In the meantime we still offer InZanity at 6:30pm on Tuesdays with Lindsay.

“Have a Hawaiian night. ¬†Hula and Tahitian dance.” – Krista

Mahalo. ¬†Great idea for a special event. We’ll see what we can do about getting something scheduled.

“If you have a large mirror you place below the current mirrors, in front of the¬†instructor, it would help for following the instructor. ūüôā Thanks!” – Diane

“I think more mirrors and pictures.” – Alyssa

When we moved into the temporary space the plan was to lower the existing mirrors to what suited us.  Unfortunately the mirrors were installed improperly and we were unable to move them.  In addition to the immovability if we moved them and damaged them we would be liable.  We are working with the previous tenant to remove these mirrors and replace them with ours.  The original removal and reinstall date was scheduled for Tuesday May 10th but unfortunately that fell through due to the miscommunication between the previous owner and the glass compnay.  We are still on it though!!