Summer add 9 & 10 classes?”

We send out a survey to see what class requests are for types of classes and times and 7am was the consensus this time around.  We have added a 7am class on Thursdays of which we need at least 5 people pre-registered by 10pm the night before in order to have class.  Also, the doors are locked after 7am when the class is to start as we do not have a desk staff during this time so please be on time.  

“Is there any way that Zumba & Boot Camp could be back to back on Saturday?”

We have changed the classes offered on Saturdays back to 9am Zumba, 10am Yogalates, & 11am Zumba.  We have moved Boot Camp to Monday nights at 6:30pm to replace Inzanity for the summer months and have a Zumba class right before at 5:30pm.

“More Renee Zumba <3 <3 Please”

Renee teaches Zumba on Sundays at 1pm and Dancers Body at 2pm.  In addition, she teaches Yoga at 7:30pm Wednesdays after Inzanity.  We would love to have Renee teach more Zumba classes in the future and will keep this in mind with the next schedule change.

“Here’s a suggestion for Saturday A.M. schedule:
8:30 Boot Camp
9:30 Zumba
10:30 Yogalates
11:30 Zumba”

We have changed Saturday schedule, please see the above answer regarding boot camp and Zumba on Saturdays.

“More weekend classes please”

We did add an additional Zumba class on Sundays at 1pm.

“Maybe sell shoe laces that will glow in black lights?”

What a fantastic idea!  We will look into this with our new retail order!

“There are NO small or extra small or even medium clothes for sale?!?”

We run out of items until our next retail order.  We sometimes get things on special as to keep our prices reasonable and sometimes those items are only available in select sizes and styles.  We are doing our best to keep all the retail items stocked for all sizes.  We are currently in the process of making another order.  

“A few more fans would be nice-we make it hot!”

We attempted to purchase some more fans this winter and couldn’t find any for sale.  We will be checking again as the local stores should be stocking them.

“Keep it coming!”

Thanks!  We love to make our participants happy.  

“Zumba is amazing!   I <3 Zumba!  Thanks Zstudio for having fabulous instructors!”

We are so glad you love Zumba!  We do too!  Thank you for being wonderful participants and making Zstudio everything it is today!

“This is so, so fun doing Zumba<3 -Madi”

We are glad you are having fun, that’s what we are here for!

“Zstoodz 4Lyfe”

Whoop Whoop!  You’re so creative!

“Dawn you rocked!”

Awe, thank you.  We <3 Dawn too!

“Please stop changing in the bathrooms.”

We used to have a sign in the bathroom regarding this, maybe we will bring it back and maybe people will see this comment and try not to.  However, we do only have two dressing rooms so we would say to everyone please try not to use the restrooms to change and if you have to make it quick so that others may use the restroom for what it is intended for.

“I think some of the best advice I got from an instructor was when Renee said to dance like a person far away can see you.  I love her style and her tricky routines!  I feel like a “real” dancer in her class :)”

That is great advice!  Making movements big is what its all about!  We <3 Renee as well and she does have this way about her, making you feel like a dancer, doesn’t she!

“I’ve had so much fun doing Zumba!  Thanks Ev for bringing me!!! -Kro”

We are so happy you have so much fun in Zumba and that Ev likes to share her passion for Zumba with her friends!  Yes, thank you Ev for sharing Zumba and Zstudio with your friends!  We <3 you!