April Comments/Suggestions

From: Diane M

“Idea: A small mirror somewhere near the front desk to check hair/runny mascara etc. before we head out the door. TY”

Z Reply:

Thanks for the great suggestion!  We have placed a mirror up front for your convenience.

From: Anon

“New schedule-Saturday 10am Zumba?? I miss that time slotJ”

Z Reply:

We are glad you liked that time slot and try to keep variety in our offerings every day of the week.  We hope that you can find the 9am and 11am Zumba slots to work into your schedule for now. Maybe we can work it out for next schedule.

From:  Richmond

“Music is sometimes too loud for my old ears.  Maybe instructors can ask?”

Z Reply:

We are glad that you brought this to our attention.  We have now started supplying ear plugs for those participants that find it too loud.  Please ask at the front desk for a free pair!

From: Kathy R

“Can we do some kind of stretching class?”

“I really need her (Renee’s) yoga class!  The only day I stretch and release my stress and tension.”

Z Reply:

We loved having yoga available for those that were interested and agree that stretching is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  However, we were not receiving enough participation to keep the class going over the summer.  This is a class we would love to see return so we will look at adding it again in the fall.

From: Sabrina F

“I forgot how much I love a good Mo class.  Mo,- come do more regular Zumba classes.  <3 you girl- all you girls( and Danny<3)”

Z Reply:

Awe, we love getting positive feedback on our instructors.  Thanks!

Just a friendly reminder:

We know that Zstudio is a loud, happy, social place but sometimes our talking between classes is distracting to the class that is being conducted.  Feel free to gab away but watch where you are talking and your volume and refrain from walking across the dancefloor unless you are participating in the class.