“30 min express class specific to core, arms, butt, legs?”

Thanks for the suggestion.  We may incorporate something like this in the future schedules but for now you can always make one of our classes your own express class and come for just 30 minutes.  The shorter classes like this are difficult because that leave little time to stretch appropriately.  We do run a 40 minute class on Tuesdays & Thursdays, ZSculpt 12:10-12:50.

“Please, please, please consider bringing back Renee’s Sunday Zumba class.  That class and her old mid week 7:30 Zumba class(es) were essence of why I come for!!”

We would love to have Renee continue teaching on the weekends but are unable to this session as she is unavailable.  

“Love, love, love Monita’s energy!  Even with a small class!”
“Chasity is the best!  Love her classes!”
“<3 you guys!  More Lindsay classes”

Thanks for the wonderful comments!  We have classes based upon the instructors availability and Lindsay has limited availability.

We would like to thank everyone for the comments and suggestions.  Please keep them coming so we can make this the best experience for everyone!  Feel free to use the comment box in the back of the studio or call, text, or e-mail us!  Zstudio Love!