Covid Closure Update

Hello Ignite family!

Recently Governor Walz announced the state’s Phase 3 plan for reopening under the covid crisis. Included in this phase is for the gradual reopening of gyms and fitness centers.

We have extensively reviewed the guidelines and feel that it is still not the right time for us to reopen. 

This decision was not an easy one to make.

We miss your faces!!! 

But among the guidelines is the strong recommendation to wear face masks so we would only see half of them anyway! And let’s be honest. Taking any of our classes with a facemask on is difficult at best and dangerous at worst.

We will continue to offer our classes virtually so sign up here on Punchpass!

Keep checking our Facebook page for our FREE events as well as Facebook LIVE pop up classes here and there.

If you care to donate to Ignite Studio head over to our store using this link!

Also, we will be making the move from WellnessLiving over to Punchpass permanently. We are trying to get through all of your accounts to move any remaining punches over but if you could help us out that would be great. Please mail us at with a count of your remaining classes.

We will continue to assess the reopening sitch as we move along through this new world so keep checking in with us.

We hope you are all safe!!

We hope you are well!!

We miss you!