December Comments

Could we get another InZanity class.  Like on a Sunday? – Anon

It’s awesome you want another InZanity class but so far the majority of Zstudio peeps have been asking to bring back a yoga class on Sunday.  The good news for them is that we added a Buti Yoga to Sundays at 4pm.  For all you insane InZanity people we have added a 6:30 InZanity class to the Tuesday schedule.

How about a Zumba Toning 4:30pm or 5:30pm any day – Robin

We love that you love Zumba Toning but unfortunately the numbers just are not there to support the class.  The good news is that there is ZMIX on Wednesdays at 4:30 which combines yoga, strength training and core work as well as ZCORE which focuses on strength and conditioning lead by Dawn on Thursday at 5:30.

Please schedule a Zumba class with Renee on the weekends this winter! – Jill

Sorry about this but our winter schedule has already been set.  In general we start working on the new schedule 4-8 weeks before the old one expires.  If we get requests in time we always pass them on to the the instructors and ultimately it comes down to what availability they have.  Our winter schedule runs through May 1st so do try to get those requests in by the end of March.

I’m making my way back to you all!!  Slowly but surely.  Missed you!! Rest is boring 🙂 – Sabrina

Yeah, Sabrina!!  We have missed you.

I just have to say that the last newsletter was horrifying.  2 sleazy “events” in one edition. – Anon

For the record there was much, much more to this comment.  Due to its length we chose not to write all that was contained in it but suffice to say someone apparently took issuse with our “Sassy and Sultry” and “Dirty Midnight” events held in December.

Because of these events  the commenter went on to accuse Zstudio of “training females for the sex industry” and “promoting a basically pornographic outlook”.

First off “Sassy and Sultry” is a special event that celebrates women getting in touch with their sassy side and learning to embrace the sexiness they want to exude.  Dirty Midnight was a special New Years Eve Zumba class containing songs that, due to some four letter words, we CANNOT do in our regular classes.  None of these events were “pornographic”.  They were fun and fearless.

Now, while we respect the fact that someone may have taken offense to this we can understand that. But what disturbed and distressed us so much was that the commenter went on to say that Zstudio “degraded” women,  that we are not a place where women can feel good about themselves and that we are “not pro wmoen”.

Zstudio is the EXACT opposite of those statements with one exception.  Zstudio is a place where ALL people; women, men, trans, straight, young, old, gay, bi, etc. can come and feel welcomes, accepted, inspired and uplifted.  Not just women.  All people.  Zstudio is not just pro woman, we are PRO PEOPLE!!

If whoever wrote this comment would like to speak to us further on this please feel free to contact any of the owners.

Otherwise Zstudio is going to keep doing what we do.  Making fitness fun, making people feel good about themselves and keeping us a strong Zstudio family.