“How about a 7:30am Saturday class and a second Sunday class”
We will definitely take this into consideration for the new schedule coming up in May:)

“Hi- I would like something like 10 min trainer for workouts shown in the 1 hour class for us to do at home when we only have 10 min VS no min.”
Some instructors are already doing this since this comment was submitted.  Just ask your instructor at the beginning of class.  We would love to give you some routines and techniques you can use at home when you have only a few minutes to fit in a workout.  You may also want to check out our Personal Trainer, consultation is free.

“Get Aubrey for evening class.  I enjoyed her and Christine.  Like everyone, just like the mixture of instructors.”
We would love to have Aubrey for evening classes.  We go based upon the instructors availability and will let her know about the request for evening classes.  Many of our instructors are either in school or work day jobs; therefore, availability is limited:)

“I’m so glad to have you back Renee, but isn’t there anything that can be done about the screaming?  No one else is following along with that which indicates no one else likes it and wants it at all.  Basically it ruins the class.”
Although not all of our instructors are vocal in this respect we do encourage people to be vocal as it helps remind people to breathe during class.  Many people tend to hold their breath when things get tough in a workout.  Proper breathing during a workout ensures that your muscles are getting the oxygen they need to keep contracting.  In addition to assisting with breathing, “whooping,” as we like to call it, also is a form of letting go and feeling the music as well as the moves.  Like being at a concert or even dancing in the club people will often whoop and show their excitement vocally.  Also, many instructors gain energy from the group of participants and when people show their engagement by being vocal it fuels many of our instructors energy during class as well as other participants.  It’s not for everyone, but speaking for myself, when I first started attending Zumba classes as a participant I LOVED the whooping.  If this is not your thing- no worries- it’s not a requirement and we respect that not everyone feels comfortable being vocal.

“Zcore during week ours 5:30 preferably.”
We would love to have a later core class for those participants that cannot make it to class until after 5.  However, we need to make sure that we are accommodating our schedule according to the majority of what our participants desire.  Therefore, the more comments we receive from multiple participants about class request the more likely we are to make the requested change to our schedule.  Thanks for the request and if you know other participants that desire this class have them submit comments with their name requesting the class:)

“The disco lights make me really dizzy.”
Do they only make you dizzy during certain classes or times during the class such as stretching?  We will switch off the disco ball during stretching and certain classes if it makes sense to do so just ask your instructor.  However, we keep them on during Zumba and other high energy classes for the night club during the day effect.

“Thank you for the changing room hooks<3”
You are very welcome<3

“You guys are awesome! <3 Zumba”
Awe, thank you.  You’re pretty awesome yourself<3

“I <3 Zstudio!!!”, “I Love Zstudio!”
We <3 you too!!!

“Sassy & Sultry is fun :)”
We know!  We love having Melinda come and provide this great escape for everyone! Thanks for coming:)

“This is so fun!”
Thanks!  We are glad you are having a fun time!  That’s what we are here for:)

“1st class today!  Feel great! Thank you!” “2nd class!  Sore but great!”
We are so glad you came to try our classes and had a great time!  Hope you keep coming so we can continue having a blast together!
“Song-Happy Pharrell Williams”
I believe at least two of our instructors are now doing this song:)