February Comments

“More 5:30/6:30 Renee classes please!”! – Anon

We will start working on our new schedule (which comes out in May) at the end of March and beginning of April.  If you want to see a certain class, class time or Instructor be sure to start getting those requests in NOW!  As always we will try our best to get you what you ask for but ultimately our decisions are left up to Instructor availability  and class variety.   But we love to hear from you!!

“Please don’t wear street shoes on the floor 🙁   Dancing with lots of rocks tonight.” – Amanda

We couldn’t agree more!!  Not only do the rocks and wet shoes damage the floor, it also creates an unsafe environment for participants.  Maybe now is a good time to review our Studio Etiquette Guidelines.

Studio Etiquette Click Here

“Higher impact class at noon.” – Anon

The beautiful things about Zumba or any of the classes we offer is you can make it the class you want it to be.  Take it up in impact or take it down.  The Instructor is there to keep it accessible to all levels and not be intimidating to anyone.  But if you are looking for a truly high impact class then try out Zumba with Burst or InZanity.  Those are guaranteed to get you the high impact class you want.