February Comments/Suggestions

“Loving Chasity’s new songs! Very fun!”

Thanks we are glad you enjoy them!


“Love Sara B’s class! ūüôā Hope she can get a nooner or evening class next schedule for us night owls:)” -Hannah Rey

“Love Sarah B’s class!! Please have her teach an evening class!”

“9am is too early for me ūüôā Sarah in the evening sometime would be great!”

Due to the lack of instructors with daytime availability and numerous requests for a 9am class we really need Sarah during the day!  But we are so glad you love her class.  With every new schedule we want to make sure we offer a variety of Instructors for our participants to experience and hope to continue to do so when the next schedule comes out in May.


“9am is too early:(“

Zstudio tries to offer a variety of classes at different times during the day to accommodate schedules and honor requests.  The more requests we get for different times the more likely  a requested class is going to happen so please keep commenting.  The 9am class exists simply because there were many requests from various individuals.  So one thing we do ask is that you add your name to these particular requests so we know they are not all from the same person.  We promise that  if you write down your name and DO NOT want it attached to the comment we will keep it anonymous.  Thanks again.


“Love noon zumba. ¬†Need it everyday.”

We know you can never get enough Zumba and, who knows, maybe we will be able to add another class to the next schedule.


“Really fun choreo Lindsay! ¬†Thanks!”

We now have two instructors with similar names but I am sure you love both of their choreography.  Thanks for the comment!


“Buti <3!”

We are so happy that Buti Yoga has been doing so well and all the people that have fallen in love with this class.  And remember the only place you get get a Buti Yoga class north of the Twin Cities is at Zstudio!!


“Love you all!”

Awwwww, and we love you all<3