Free Live or Donation Virtual Classes!

Due to Covid-19 we will be closed for the near future.

But we are going to make this work!

While we are closed we still want people to take care of themselves.

And we know that physical health and mental health go hand and hand.

So we will be offering classes via Facebook LIVE until we are allowed to reopen.

These classes are FREE but to all of those who have reached out and wanted to donate to Ignite Studio’s virtual classes we have good news for you, for us, for you, for us.

But first, a thank you.
Thank you for checking in with us. Watching us. And making us believe that what we do matters.

And now the news…

You can now purchase tickets/donate $3 to any of our virtual class. We are also offering a Virtual Monthly Membership donation for $35 as well. (please note that the membership is auto renewed so if you wish to cancel you would need to email us 5 biz days in advance to not be charged again)

And if you can’t afford to pay for a membership, all the classes, one class don’t worry. Remember thee classes we are going LIVE with on Facebook are still FREE. 

To donate all you need to do is head over to WellnessLiving using this link:

or click on the ticketing link in our Facebook Events pages.

Plus over on WellnesslIving we also have our Current Covid Schedule and plan to add more classes.

We have more news to come so stay tuned,

As as always thanks for tuning in!