Get BLISS-ed!

We got the ABC’s on CBD H2O!

We have added a new play-ah to our beverage game at Ignite Studio!

BLISS is an alkaline water infused with 8 mg of organic CBD!

So what makes this method of CBD consumption different?

Well to start BLISS Water has a 100% CBD absorption rate. With cbd oils & edibles you only absorb about 10-30% of the CBD because our digestive systems trashes the rest due to the large size of the CBD Molecule.

Bliss Alkaline CBD Water provides better hydration than filtered waters. Infused using ionized alkaline water that expels toxins from your body, metabolize nutrients, and reduce acid in the bloodstream, drinking CBD water can reduce pain, bruises, inflammation, and anxiety.

BLISS water has no taste. It tastes just like regular water. It is perfect for a pre or post workout quencher. And according to our Be Fly baby Suzy Q BLISS CBD Water has been a “game changer” for her when it comes to performances.

We are the only store in the Twin Ports selling BLISS so come in and try it!