Instructor Changes Starting July 18th

As you know our beloved Instructor Renee Miller has moved to Chicago.

While we hated to see Renee go the good news is that her class schedule will remain the same and we have some wonderful Instructors taking over the reigns.  Including the Smashing Danny Strohman who is back at Zstudio!

Beginning the week of July 18th the following Instructor changes will go into effect.

Monday – 6:30pm – Zumba w/ Danny Strohman

Monday – 7:30om – Yoga w/ Dawn Magnuson

Wednesday – 6:30pm – Dancer’s Body w/ Amanda Wenzel

Wednesday – 7:30pm – Zumba w/ Danny Strohman

The changes are updated on MindBody and our printed schedule.  Updates to the website will appear shortly.