Instructor Spotlight

Have you met Krista yet!

Here’s a little about this lady with a heart of gold, a smile as bright as diamonds and a spirit that can always find a silver lining.

Krista! Tell us a little about yourself.

Stats:    Age 39.

Married 15 years.

Kids 2; 12yrs & 13yrs

“Real” job Bartender\server

Hobbies: I like to get creative and will try a new medium on a whim. So I’ve tried many different types of arts and crafts but the one that stuck is sewing. Making the kids halloween costumes every year is my favorite. Especially when they pick huge complicated characters (the deadline for choosing is June).

  • Healthiest advice?

Having the willingness to laugh at yourself. Its ok to mess up, no one is perfect. That can give you the freedom to try new things. For example, I recently went to a Twerkshop and I was terrible! I went to the class with one expectation. To have a good time. And I did, It was fun, I laughed, I learned a few moves, and I learned a bit about my body’s limitations and my mind’s restrictions. (more work for later)

  • Least healthy advice?

Umm, I feel like this question is a trap.

  • Never have i ever… and I never will!

Never say never…

  • Song you never get tired of hearing.

Honestly I’m pretty capricious when it comes to music. I’ll skip any song when I’m not feeling it.

  • When it comes to working out I wish I liked to do this move… but I don’t…but I keep trying…

Burpees and similarly jump back to chaturanga.  I haven’t mastered the form and I keep jarring my shoulders and wrists. So after a few awkward jump backs, I will modify by stepping back. One of these days though….

  • What is your bucket list item?

Travel to Mexico to see the overwinter sites of the monarchs.

  • Biggest class fail. Teaching or taking.

There have been a few zumba songs eyes closed just going for broke… the wrong direction. Oops!

And for teaching, it’s only been left\right stutters and losing my balance in dancer pose so far.

  • What is Duluth’s best kept secret?

The secret is mine to keep;)

  • What is the quality, trait, etc. that you are the more proud about when it comes to yourself?

Eyes and smile. The easiest way to connect.

Come check out Krista on Sundays for Primal Flow or monthly at Duluth Cider for Ciders and Savasanas. Get your tickets HERE for the next one on Feb. 29th