Insurance Reimbursement Program – We added another one!

Just a reminder to BCBS of MN and Health Partners holders we have been approved and are all set up for the insurance reimbursement program.

And now we are pleased to announce we have added United Healthcare to the program!

If United Healthcare, BCBS or Health Partners are your insurance provider please let the front desk know you are interested in the reimbursement program. Be sure to have a copy of your current insurance card with you when you do and fill out the form provided by the front desk staff. Once we verify that you are also a Monthly Member at Ignite, Dawn will contact you if any additional information is needed. This is also a good time to double check your contact info and make sure it is up to date in MindBody.

With the insurance reimbursement program this means if you are a monthly member and check in at Ignite Studio a minimum of 12 times during the month you will be reimbursed $20 from your insurance provider toward your monthly membership. And just to clarify 12 times means 12 days. Unfortunately the reimbursement program doesn’t count multiple classes in a day.

Here’s to an even healthier 2018!