January Comments

  • Jill is amazing!
  • I Love Sarah! XO
  • Go Mo! XO
  • You guys are awesome!
  • Go Christine!
  • Come back Dawn!!

Thanks for the compliments!  We so enjoy what we do and we are thrilled that you guys enjoy it as much as we do.  Keep the love coming.

  • Thanks for hosting the “Go Red” group.  I’ll be back.

Did you know that Zstudio is happy to host fundraisers and private classes?  If you would like more information on either please see Christine or Jill.  Zstudio had the privilege of hosting some amazing women from the AHA Go Red campaign one Saturday in January.  It was a blast and a big thank you to all that participated.

  • When the classes get larger and louder the music gets louder.  Sometimes it is too loud.

Argh!!  This is something we struggle with at Zstudio.  We want to keep the party atmosphere and “Day Club” vibe and part of our brand is keeping the music loud and thumping.  But we totally get it!!  You don’t want to go deaf so we will try to be more aware of this.  One tip that can help your ears and experience is that if you are not a fan of the volume turned up to 11, stand in the center of the room, further away from the speakers.

  • Suggestions from Minneapolis Gal!  When the class is so full the Instructors should ask for people who are experienced and comfortable to move to the front.  It is helpful to make room for new and less comfortable people.

Hey, Minneapolis!  Thanks for the suggestion.  Yes, some of our classes can get very crowded and it is a good idea to have our more experienced peeps maybe up front.  But we all know that when it comes to Zumba classes we all have our favorite spots and some participants get to class early to stake their claim.  So while we don’t want to offend anyone who wants their spot it may be a good reminder that change is good and we can certainly encourage people to shake it up a bit by moving around from time to time.

  • Another suggestion from a Minneapolis Zumba Girl!  Instructors in Minneapolis wear microphones so it is easier to hear instructions. Especially for new people.

Thanks MSP girl!!  We hear ya even if you may not hear us 🙂   But the fact is we are encouraged not to wear microphones and this comes right from the founder of Zumba, Beto Perez. In addition to the founder of Zumba requesting we don’t wear headsets there are also a few other reasons why we don’t.  Number One – with the music as loud as it is during a Zumba class, even with a microphone most people would not be able to hear or understand what we are saying anyway hence the visual cues.  Number two – it kills the party vibe.  We want you too feel like you’re at a dance party and if we are shouting over a microphone telling you what to do every couple seconds it kills that vibe. Number  Three – with all the jumping around the Zstudio Instructors do it would be nearly impossible to keep it secure.  We know that not being able to hear does make it a little harder especially for your first couple classes but once you get it, it is awesome!