July and August Comments

“I would love Mo to teach more classes 9am Tues/Thurs would be great.”
We love to provide a variety of instructors at a variety of times so that people with varying schedules can enjoy the difference in energy from all our wonderful instructors.  At this time we have to go based upon the availability of all of our instructors as well as think about what classes our Zfam wants most.  Unfortunately due to low attendance we are suspending the 9am classes altogether.  But the good news is we will have more 11am and 12pm classes.  We will definitely take all class instructor requests into consideration.  Thanks for the comment!  And who can’t have enough Mo?

“Would it be possible to move beach boot camp to 7:40 so it would be possible to do both boot camp and toning?” -Amanda
Boom!!  We heard you and we did it!!  Our Small Group Beach Boot Camp was moved to 7:45 and continues every Tuesday through August 25th.  Thanks for the great suggestion.

Linda suggests:
-Member class on scented oils.

Great idea, we will see about this!

-Bring back another 7:30 workout. 

Our fall schedule will be coming out in a few weeks and it looks like we will be adding another 7:30 classes back to the schedule.  The new schedule starts Monday September 14th so watch for it.

-Later Sunday workout 5 or 6? 

Boom!!!  Done!! You asked for it. You got it!!  Sunday Zumba is now moved to 5pm.  And the first Sunday of the month at 4pm will be bringing back Yoga Live!!  (Just an FYI – Yoga Live is a Special Event and will have a separate drop in fee).

– Isometrics. 

In our ZMIX class we offer isometric exercises.  ZMIX starts with a yoga flow, then goes into sculpting with weights, we take it to the mat for some core and Pilates work and end with stretch and meditation. In yoga and Pilates we concentrate on isometrics by incorporating planks, side planks, bridges and more.  Come check it out.

-Buti Yoga at a later time like 6:30 or 7:30.

Boom!! Done!!  On the new schedule there will be a 4:30 and a 6:30 Buti Yoga.  Watch for it.

Quit changing in the bathrooms and walking on the floor in street shoes.”

When it comes to changing before or after class we ask that you keep the bathrooms free.  While we provide 2 changing rooms we unfortunately only have 1 bathroom.  And while we understand that we all have busy schedules and need to get changed fast, it is probably more important to keep the bathrooms free and clear because when you gotta go, you gotta go.  And as far as wearing street shoes on the dance floor this is a pet peeve of ours as well.  We all know why you shouldn’t wear street shoes on the dance floor in the winter (snow, ice, slush) but even in the nice weather remember that dirt and rocks can get dragged in causing additional wear and tear to the floor as well as create tripping hazards.

“Burst 5:30pm and Buti 6:30pm.  Same eve each week.” – Tiersa

 “How about adding Buti Yoga over the noon hour Tuesday or Thursday.” – Jill G

“Buti Yoga at noon.”

Our new schedule will start on Monday September 14th and we are happy to say 12pm classes will now return Monday through Friday as well as additional Buti Yoga classes in the evening.  Watch for the new schedule in the coming days.

“Bring back 60 minute classes.”

In an effort to keep classes starting on time we end the previous classes 5 minutes before the start of the next class.  This is done to smooth transition by allowing Instructors to switch out and for the one group to clear the floor as the other group gets settled in their spots.  We also do this to prevent classes from starting late.  Whenever one class starts late, then the next class will and so on and so on.  We know that everyone’s time is valuable and we want to make sure that when you show up for a 6:30 class it starts at 6:30 and not 6:45.  The last class of the day or last class of the evening has a little more leeway as to when it finishes so maybe try one of those.

“In order for this to be a comfortable place to workout the air really needs to be left on in the summer.  It would be more efficient to leave on longer and let cool than turn it on for each class when 15+ bodies heat it up faster than it can cool in that amount of time.  Still love you all… but it is too hot.” – Sabrina

We are feeling the heat on this one too!!  In order to keep our costs down we have to be judicious with the air conditioning.  On the hotter days we try to get to the studio 1 to 1 1/2 hours prior to class start times to turn on the a/c and get the place cooling down.  Unfortunately due to the size of the space the amount of time and money it costs to keep the building cool by letting the a/c run all day is not feasible.  But, hey, look at the bright side.  Winter is coming.

“Maybe you could remind people waiting for classes in the lobby to talk a bit quieter.  It’s very disruptive.” – Thanks!!

We know that everyone is excited to start class and enjoys socializing but remember to keep in mind the class prior to yours and respect their vibe.  We guess now would be a good time to remind everyone to review our studio etiquette page.  We all need a refresher now and then.  http://zstudioduluth.com/studio-etiquette/

“This place rocks!!”

Thanks!!  And we think you all do as well!!