“I Love Inzanity! Surprisingly frog jumps DO get easier!  Thank you Sarah for this amazing workout & for being so amazing & motivating <3″

We are glad you love Inzanity!  Sarah is an amazing motivator isn’t she?!  We are lucky to have her as part of our Zstudio family.

“Great job ladies at the Glow Run warm-up.  You were awesome!  I was very proud to be wearing my Zstudio shirt.  Duluth’s so lucky to have this studio.” ~Sue B.

Awe, Sue<3, thank you!  We are lucky to have you and everyone here in Duluth and the people that just pass through (MARCOS we miss you). Zstudio LOVE

“Came up from Rochester for the B2 Training, and I have to say…you guys have an awesome place here!” ~Krysta White:)

Thank you so much Krysta!  It was a pleasure having you here.  Hopefully you come back soon and maybe join us in a few songs!

“Dawn-Thank you for taking the time for a good stretch-very important!”

You are more than welcome!  Gotta lengthen those muscles we were just contracting.  It feels so great to get a good stretch in:)

“More Zumba”

While we appreciate that you would like more Zumba, we do need to know when you would like to see more Zumba added.  The more comments we get from more people (must have a name though to make sure it’s not the same person) with specific days and times the more likely we are to ad the change.  Now is the time to let us know as our schedule changes in September.  

LOVE Christine!”
“Love you guys!!”
“Love Dawn! XOXO!”
“Love you, Jill!”
“Awesome Place!” -Kat
“Lots of people!  Sweet!”

Thank you everyone for all the love.  We love you all back<3  

As usual we love all your comments and suggestions.  We would like more feedback on our instructors and things you would like to see (more classes, different types of classes or styles, etc).  You can write them in the comment box, send us an email, and mindbody has a rating system for instructors through the mindbody connect app.  Thanks for everything!