June Comments and Suggestions

“Please add another water cooler towards the locker room.” – Anon

Yes to hydration!  We thought about putting the water cooler in the back when we moved to the temporary digs.  Unfortunately our deliveries usually come during class time and we did not want the delivery man walking through class or the jugs being dropped off at the front door where we have limited space as well as people’s shoes.  So while it was a good thought it just makes it easier and safer to have the water cooler up front.  You will all be happy to know that in our new space we will have an easily accessible water fountain. H2O for all!

“You guys help people.  Karen is helpful and kind.” – Samairah

Helping people is our life’s mission here at Zstudio so thanks for noticing.  And, YEAH, Karen is the bomb!!  We pride ourselves on having helpful and happy people not only as staff but also our participants as well.