“<3 Christine! You’re the best!:)”

“I loved Chasity’s class!! She’s a great mover & motivator!  Thank you!”

Thanks for the feedback!  We love everyone here at Zstudio.  Keep the comments coming!  You can always rate all of our instructors on our mindbody connect app on your smart phone as well as sign up for classes and more!

“Is your dance floor padded?  It could be a good investment to add a layer below the wood for impact support:)  Rubber roofing works great! <3”

Our dance floor is padded.  Thanks for the information, we will check it out:)

“This was my first time, it was fun!  Thanks Dawn!  MORE SKA PLZ! <3 Kala”

Thank you, we are glad you had fun!  That’s what it’s all about.  We are open to song suggestions:)

“Love all the sparkles!”

Thanks!  We do too! It is all part of the Zstudio experience.  ‘We don;t sweat, we sparkle!’

There were a couple comments made about children on the dance floor, Just a reminder that for the safety of your children and others in class, children that are under 10 years of age and not participating in class must remain off the dance floor.  They may sit along the sides or hang out in the kids room.  Thanks for your cooperation and understanding regarding this matter:)

There were also SEVERAL comments regarding the heat/air conditioning in the studio.  We were having some troubles with the air conditioner fan of which is NOW FIXED!!!!  Thank goodness and THANK YOU SO MUCH for sticking it through with us!

Please remember to give us your feedback in the comment box in the back, via email, in person, by phone, and/or on the mindbody connect app!  We always want to know what we are doing that you love and what we can do to make your experience the best you have ever had here at Zstudio!