Last Yoga Live!! Sunday January 3rd – 4pm

Put some soul in your Sunday with Yoga Live only at Zstudio.
Yoga live is a restorative yoga class combined with live music from area artists.
This month we are pleased to feature the wickedly talented Adam Sippola.

Adam Sippola is a musician, singer, actor & 
director. In his solo performance as a musician, he’s been focused on live-looping, creating improvised and composed pieces with a rich vocal foundation, highlighted by didgeridoo, cello, and percussion, and employing the use of a looping pedal. Drawing from his classical roots as a cellist and vocalist, and branching into the meditative unknown of improvised sound, he brings together his experiences as a street musician, lead singer, and from the musical theater stage to create a transformational musical experience that he hopes will serve as a “ladder for the soul.” He recently released  his new album, Rising Point, available for sale at, as well as downtown at The Electric Fetus and Laughingstock Design.
Adam is also a member of the Twin Ports Choral Project, and the organizer of Zenith City Cabaret, a monthly musical theater Cabaret in the Zeitgeist building. For more information, visit .

Adam’s next theater project is a musical called The Last Five Years, written by Jason Robert Brown. He’s directing and acting in this 2 person musical, along with his co-star, Carolyn LePine.
The Last Five Years is an emotionally powerful and intimate contemporary musical love story about two New Yorkers who fall in and out of love over the course of five years. The show’s unconventional structure consists of Cathy (played by Carolyn LePine), a struggling actress, telling her story backwards, while Jamie (played by Adam Sippola), an emerging novelist enjoying his first taste of success, tells his story chronologically. The Last Five Years takes a bold look at one couple’s hope that love endures the test of time.
The Last Five Years opens in the Underground Theater on January 28th, and runs through February 6th, Thursdays-Saturdays @ 7:30pm. Advanced tickets are available now online at .
Please join us and Adam for Yoga Live on Sunday January 3rd at 4pm.  Cost is just $12.  And don’t forget to check out Zenith Cabaret and The Last Five Years.  Zstudio is a proud sponsor of The Last Five Years so even more of a reason the check it out.