March Comments and Suggestions

“Love Renee!  Love her positivity and enthusiasm!” – Amanda W.

Renee is pretty rad.  Honestly, we have never seen her in a bad mood and not sure if she ever has one.  She da best!

*The following are some excerpts from a long but awesome suggestion*

  • “I really like it when you 2 morning classes in a row.  Like Buti Yoga and Zumba or Booty Camp and Zumba.
  • “I love mixing cardio and strength.”
  • “I also wish you would offered morning yoga classes.  More stretching.”
  • “I love the positive energy I get from all the instructors.  They make it is what it is and I don’t feel judged at all.  Just loved.  So thanks again.”
  • “Zstudio is my happy place!”
  • “Oh…and I love it when you guys end class with a quote or words of encouragement.  It really makes my day!” – Kayla

So first off, while this comment may have been long we WELCOME it.  The more info and suggestions we have to work with the better.  Good or bad we want to hear anything and everything from you.

Even though the studio is in a bit of flux right now (to put it mildly) we still are keeping a business as usual attitude and working on a new schedule which will be posted shortly.

While the more requests for certain classes or class times we get the better, in the end it all really hinges on Instructor availability and attendance.  Simply put if no one shows up for a class then we can’t let it continue.

And thanks for the positive thoughts, words and vibes.  While you all think we make YOUR day it is you guys that keep us and this place going.  We feel great when we walk in the door and even better when we leave.  And it is thanks to people like YOU who make it all worth it.

“Love it here.  Feels like paradise :)” – Erica

Right back ‘atcha with the love.  And it’s pretty amazing that working out can be considered paradise!!

“Please bring back Zumba w/ Christine on Thursdays!” – Jill

We passed the message onto her but unfortunately Christine is unavailable to teach any later then 4:30 in the evening this summer.  But come next schedule her availability may change.  Thanks for getting those requests in early so we can hopefully work them into our new schedule.