“Gift cards for classes & merch would be cool!”

We do have gift certificates available and are working on a possibly getting a “card.”

“Can we have an early morning Saturday Zumba again?!  8, 9, or 10?!”

We have sent out a survey asking for class type and time requests, please be sure to fill this out as your feedback determines our schedule.  We will be creating a new summer schedule that will begin the first full week in May.  Also, there will most likely be FREE Zumba on the Beach again this summer that starts at 10am.

“Don’t force us to ‘hoot'”

We would never force anyone to “hoot.”  We merely encourage our participants to be vocal during class as it encourages breathing, increases motivation, and creates a more engaging interactive environment.

“Thank you!  I really like doing Zumba here! -Piper Sterner Age 9”

You are so very welcome Piper!  We love having you<3

“Jill is silly fun!:)”

Yes she is, thank you!  We love our Silly Jilly!

“Loved having Emma to follow doing modifies InZanity class”

Thank you, it is a nice addition.  Please always inform an instructor if you need special modifications in the future as this may not always be an option.

“Free wireless please”

The connection name and password are now posted on the bulletin board in the back by the lockers.

“The renovations look great!:)”

Thank you so much!  We are glad you like it:)

“The Sunday Zumba class is very full.  Any chance of adding another Zumba class from now through May?”

We have sent out a survey, please be sure to fill it out as it includes schedule requests.  We only change our schedule 3 times a year with the school year and our new schedule will be coming out the first full week of May.  Our schedule changes are determined by the feedback received from our participants via the survey.  Thanks for the suggestion!

“Place is too cold.  Thank you for the rest is fantastic!”

We have the temperature set at the temperature suggested by OSHA for fitness centers.  It does fluctuate with the low temps that we have had this winter and are doing everything we can to keep our participants comfortable as once the body gets moving in one of our classes the temp is no longer a problem.

“Dawn don’t go”

Awe, that is so sweet of you.  Thanks to all of our lovely loyal participants we are able to expand into other cities.  Dawn is assisting in the expansion of the studio and will be leaving toward the end of summer to Madison.  However, she will come back to visit, Madison is only 5 hours away!

“Mommy time don’t want to step on someone else’s kids”
“Kids…I love them, I do! But not on the dance floor – I don’t want to hurt one.”
“Please keep the small kids off the floor during class (they’re next to their parents) not fair to students next to that parent.  Thanks”

We have now addressed this situation and are requesting that children under the age of 10 (with some exceptions) remain in the kids room during class.

“The lights, loud music & dark atmosphere make Zstudio Fabuluz! Don’t change it”

We are glad you like it…it happens to be our niche!  Therefore, we will NEVER change this:)

“Clean.  Too much dust – I’m slipping”

We thoroughly have the studio cleaned twice a week.  In addition, we dust mop the floor daily.  Our floor is just made this way.  It is supposed to be a bit slippery for the sliding involved in Zumba.  Shoes with more traction tend to work better on our studio floor.  Ask us about our collaboration with Duluth Running Co.

“Great facility!  – Lois Young Thunder Bay”

Thanks for visiting Lois.  We are glad you like it and hope to see you again!

“Thanks for the bigger (and awesome) clothes!

You are so very welcome.  We hope to continue to add more sizes and styles:)

“I <3 you Zstudio! – Stephanie”
“I love you all!”
“I love it”
“Love this place:)”

We love all of you too!  We would not be here without you! Zstudio Love <3

We also received another comment regarding pausing too much between songs.

This has been addressed with the instructors.  Please let us know if things haven’t been remedied.

As always thank you all very much for your comments and suggestions.  Keep them coming!