May Comments and Suggestions

“Please bring back Buti Yoga on Sundays.” – Kayla

“Please add a yoga class on Sunday.” – Julie M.

“Buti back with Karen on Sundays please.” – Linda K.

Based on past attendance numbers we see a considerable slow down in participation for Yoga on Sunday during the summer months which is why we chose to suspend it.  If you love Karen (and who doesn’t) Karen is teaching Buti Yoga on Fridays at 6:30 so you may want to try for that class. On that note we are currently reevaluating attendance for some classes and we will possibly be making changes to the schedule for at least July and August so stay tuned.

“Love the Zcore class w/ Amanda.” – Evelyn B.

We thank you!! Amanda thanks you!!  Amanda is a rockstar.  She puts an incredible amount of work into her Zcore class and it’s nice to have it appreciated.  Go try it!

“Please bring back 830am Buti.  I miss it.” – Evelyn B.

As of right now we don’t see us bringing back an 8:30am class due not only to low attendance but also Instructor availability.  But please know that your requests do not fall on deaf ears.  We really try  to give our Zfam what they want as best we can.  So please do not stop making requests.  It helps point us in the right direction.

“More arms overhead, etc.” – Anon

Good choreo note!!  We love these.  As we work on new routines we’ll all work to remember those “bat wings” and incorporate moves that give the arms more of a workout.  And Christine already has one ready for ya!

“Love you all!!  Would like more Guys Nights to get some of my coworkers and family to try.  I miss Jill’s 11am Zcore.” – Anon

Our next Guys Night is June 14th so save the date and round up those men!!  Also in July our Guys Night will be Guys All Day and Night!!  Guys will get in FREE all day and all night to any class.  And here’s a deal we’ll make with all of you.  If you can get a MINIMUM of 3 guys to come to a class of your choice we’ll let them in for FREE as our gift to you and all of our Zfam.  The classes MUST be prearranged so please see Christine to set it up and for the other details.  Regarding Zcore we still offer that class at 11am on Wednesdays with Amanda and if you haven’t tried it we highly recommend.  She may be small but is wickedly vicious on those abs.

Lastly we would like to take a moment to address some anonymous comments that we will not  post or comment on.  We have always welcomed constructive criticism and even complaints.  But when it is simply scribbled on a piece of paper with no name, date and/or time we have no way of knowing who, where, what or when it pertained to and therefore really can’t do anything about it.  We understand if you do not want to put your name down but please if you are going to complain or criticize at least give us some point of reference so we can make an attempt to fix it.