“You should do a Zumba shirt making class night.  Charge admission that includes the shirt!”

That is a fantastic idea!  We will try to get this going in the near future.  Look for the event created on facebook.

“At Zcore do three sets: 12-10-8?”

Jill has changed her Zcore to fit this model.  Thanks for the suggestion:)

“Have more InZanity classes!!”

We would love to have more InZanity classes but can only have them when the instructor is available.  Summer there are many family things going on for our instructor so InZanity is reduced to 1x per week.  It is anticipated that it will go back to 2x per week in the fall schedule.

“More Mo back to Thursdays at 6:30 please!”

We moved the Zip Hop Fit class to 6:30 to try to get more participation so that people can see how awesome the class is.  Please be open to other instructors and class types.  It is good for the body and mind to change things up a bit.

“Great energy in Chasity’s class:)”
“Loved Chasity’s class!”

Thanks, we are glad you love her!  We love her spunky little self too!

“Mo is great!  So much fun!”

Thank you!  Yes, she is great isn’t she!  Her classes are fun!