May’s Comments

Here's what you had to say in May!

I love the setting of the dark room. Doing Buti in it was awesome! – Jen

Buti Yoga was so good. Loved the music and lights – Anon

Amanda West is awesome. Love the dark room. – Tara

Thanks for the Buti love! And yeah, Amanda West is pretty rad!

I’d love to have the flexibility class or Thug & Grace back on Wednesday night at 6:30pm. – Paige

Hey, Paige! We are offering a Be Fly and Flexible class offered on Wednesday at 7:30pm. And we also have early morning Gentle Yoga on Tuesdays at 7:30 a.m. and Thursday at 6:30 a.m. FUSE incorporates yoga in the first 10-15 minutes of the class and lastly our Barre classes work WONDERS t to help increase your flexibility. FUSE and Barre end with extended stretch and mediation as well. Thanks for your comment!! Hope this helps.

FUSE was great! A nice alternative. Good base. Good music. Thanks! – Joan

Thanks, Joan! We are very proud of FUSE because it is a class we created and therefore hold near and dear to our hearts. So happy you like it too!

Sunday Zumba maybe earlier?  10am, 1030am, 11am? – Linda

Thanks for the suggestion. As you know we struggle with getting the right schedule to work with not only what participants want but what we have as far as instructor availability. Sometimes stars align. Sometimes they shoot past each other. Our current schedule will run past Labor Day but as always we’ll add this to the suggested class time sheet. And as always puh-leeze don’t be afraid to text, message, email us with your requests.

I’m putting in my vote to bring back Sunday Zumba to 3 or 3:30pm – Anon

We’re listening. As you may know this schedule was meant to be a temporary trial and error period. We had so many requests for later Sunday Zumba, early a.m. classes, STRONG on the weekdays and so on that we decided to throw it all on the schedule and see what happens. The trial run is coming to an end and there will be some changes starting the week of Monday June 11th so stay tuned!