MELT Roller Workshop with Nicole Elysian

This MELT workshop has been timed to assist runners from Grandma’s Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K to help work that tissue that worked so hard for them.
But even if you are not a runner we can tell you that MELT is for EVERYONE!
Don’t know what to make of MELT? Think of it this way. Our cells are bathed in fluid, very much like the goldfish’s environment. If we do not regularly clear out the toxic fluid that accumulates around our cells, they get sick and die, and we experience disease. The MELT Method is a way to help create a fluid exchange, where we move out of our body the accumulating toxins and draw into the spaces around our cells fresh, nutrient rich fluid. In other words, when we “MELT” our connective tissues, we are cleaning out our goldfish bowls!
Our MELT workshop cost is $15.
Click HERE for tickets!
Spots are limited so please don’t wait to get in on this.
To learn more about The MELT Method check out their website