New Schedule and Buti is Back!! Welcome our new Instructor Amanda West!

20171229_125056It’s time for TGIB – Thank God It’s Buti – Buti is back on Fridays at 530 with our new Instructor Amanda West. Let’s get to know her shall we.

We cannot make others happy until we are truly happy ourselves. Make time to invest in you!

Hello! My name is Amanda and Buti Yoga is my passion! It is the work out that not only focuses on the exterior, but also on your emotional well being. My objective is to spread Buti Yoga around our area like wildfire, to not only be an instructor for an hour per class but a support system, someone to help you achieve your goals, stay motivated, and accountable.

After having three boys, my body had changed so much, I wasn’t happy with my weight, figure, or lack of energy. Being a mom you feel obligated to put everyone else’s needs first, you tend to lose yourself and are no longer a priority. Finally, I decided that all needed to change. I cannot be a good mother or wife until I am happy with myself. So, I tried a few fad diets and workout programs and saw some results but it took a lot of work and was difficult to maintain this as a lifestyle and then I found Buti Yoga!

In June of 2016, I embarked on a 14 day Buti Yoga challenge and was shocked at the results, not only were these newfound ab’s popping through but found overall I felt happier. I was hooked and ready to share this experience with anyone who would listen. In May of 2017 I became certified and started up my own practice in August 2017 offering weekly classes at numerous local community clubs. My goal is to add an advanced certification in 2018 and possibly Hot Core or Sculpt in 2019

When I am not teaching, practicing, or sharing Buti with others; I am a wife, a mother of three very active boys, a Fleet Operations Specialist for a local utility, on the Wellness Committee at work, and volunteer to support local military members and veterans. In my free time I enjoy spending time with the family, camping, visiting the local animal shelter, and simply having fun!