New schedule starts on Monday May 7th!

Our new schedule starts on Monday May 7th!

As always we have taken requests and suggestions to heart and will trying out a few classes and class times.

These classes will be given a trial run. If after 4 weeks they work, GREAT!! We’ll keep them on the schedule. But if after 4 weeks we don’t see the attendance we require they will be removed. So if you want a class to remain on the schedule make sure you attend and bring some friends to keep it going!

Also some of these classes will require pre-registration.

In regards to the EARLY morning classes if a certain number of participants are not registered by 9pm the night before, emails will be sent out alerting the class has been cancelled.

And be sure to CANCEL before 9pm if you cannot make a class. If you are a “no show” you will be charged the drop in rate. Even if you are a monthly member.

The new schedule will run until September 10th!