November Comments

“Christine Sunday Funday!! Please Keep It” – Everyone

Thanks everyone!!  Christine loves teaching Sundays but due to her schedule can only hop in here and there on the weekends.  The Sunday show has been turned over to Lindsay aka Dr. Zumba.  Click the HERE to read all about her in the Duluth News Tribune.  She’s pretty rad!!  BTW if the link doesn’t work we have a copy of the article at the studio for you all to read.

“None of the new merch fits me  🙁 ” – Hannah

We love that you love our swag but we hate that sometimes the fit is off, so here is our offer to you.

If anyone wants to work with us when it comes to the next retail roll out regarding styles and sizes please let Jill or Christine know.  We are hoping to get new merch in somtime in late Janaury so contact us ASAP

“I don’t know how the #’s are working out with the Sunday time change to 5pm, but I’ll weigh in to say that I much prefer an earlier time on Sunday 1,2,3pm especially over the winter.  Sunday Zumba was my escape from football.  I know you can’t please everybody :).  Thanks for all your efforts to do so.” – Grace

So far the numbers for the 5pm Sunday Zumba have been off the charts!!  And we want to thank everyone for taking the time to come spend their Sunday evenings with us.

Our new schedule will start Monday January 11th and you never know what will happen.  Schedule changes happen not only due to class numbers but also participant requests and Instructor availability.

As always thanks for your input and we’ll keep trying hard to please.