November Newsletter

In Studio Classes – What we have learned!

Woohoo! It feels good to be back. We have been holding In Studio classes for a few weeks now and here’s what we learned:

  • Opening of the doors 15 minutes before class is really a kind of guideline. Basically once the Instructor is ready the doors will open.
  • Locking the doors with 5 minutes to go is a bit too early. We basically need about 2 minutes to get ourselves ready so that is the new window. And we can actually lock the place up once everyone who is registered has arrived.
  • Safety measures have been GREAT! We as well as those attending have felt pretty darn safe. There is plenty of spacing, everyone has followed the rules and our system to know who has been at the studio and when has worked like a charm.

Keep in mind that if you are not ready to attend IN STUDIO classes we get it. We will still be bringing the fun to you virtually!

Be Fly Aerial Private Classes and Group Classes with Suzy are BACK!

We did it! We figured out a way to bring back aerial and make it safe. So here’s the deal.

If you want a private class with Suzy you basically get your own silk. This silk will be used by you and only you each and every time.

If you want to attend the Be Fly & Flexible group class here’s what you need to know. In order to keep things safe we have limited class to 4 participants. The class is sold in a 3 class package Those 3 classes take place on the same day and time over 3 consecutive weeks. This ensures that you have your own silk that just like private classes belongs to you and only you. After those 3 weeks all silks are washed and sterilized and the next 3 week package starts.

To register, learn more about how it works, pricing  and Covid guidelines click here:

Now here’s a little bit about our Be Fly & Flexible class!

In each 60 minute aerial class we will be enjoying a deep full body stretch while utilizing a two point aerial hammock.

We will be incorporating both static & dynamic stretches to lengthen our muscles safely & effectively. There will be an emphasis on opening up tight hips, glutes, quads & hamstrings working towards the goal of going deeper in our splits. We will be enjoying stretches to release tension & stiffness throughout the whole body & to create greater mobility.

Once our muscles are warm & we have thoroughly stretched the whole body we will explore various aerial poses that utilize full body flexibility. 

This class offers a great mix of stretching & aerial pose work. This class is designed for all levels of flexibility. It is the perfect class for anyone looking to improve their splits or backbends or those who just want to improve their overall general flexibility.

November Class Schedule

We have had some requests for later classes and we have been able to accommodate those.  Here is what is changing coming in November!

  • MONDAY –  Christine will now be teaching an IN STUDIO & VIRTUAL Zumba/Dance Cardio class starting at 530p.
  • TUESDAY – At 6p we will have Karen teaching an IN STUDIO & VIRTUAL Yoga Flow & Stretch class. Space for this class is limited to 3 people and you MUST bring your own mat. If you forget yours you can purchase one of our used ones for $3.
  • WEDNESDAY – We  will now have VIRTUAL Zumba/Dance Cardio with Karen at 530p.
  • THURSDAY – Virtual Barre with Christine is MOVING to 445.
  • FRIDAY – We have ADDED an IN STUDIO & VIRTUAL Zumba/Dance Cardio with Karen at 530p
  • SATURDAY –  STRONG Nation with Karen is now IN STUDIO & VIRTUAL. This class is limited to 2 participants and you MUST bring your own mat. If you forget yours you can purchase one of our used ones for $3.

To learn about Covid-19 safety guidelines, check out the complete schedule and to register for ALL classes click this link:

Special Event –  In Studio & Virtual PomSquad Fitness with Renee!

This is not a Halloween prank!

Renee aka Renegade is BACK for a Special Event!

An In Studio PomSquad Fitness class on Sunday November 1st at 10am!

What is Pom Squad Fitness?

Well…PomSquad Fitness is… exactly that!

It’s a group fitness class with poms! Your PomSquad captain Renegade (Renee) has been taking classes with them for the past year. (Oh, I did I mention PomSquad Fitness encourages cheer names?) If you have experience on a pom pom squad or dance team (or ever wanted to try), this class is for you. Similar to other dance-based cardio classes, easy-to-follow routines are created to today’s hits and yesterday’s favorites using pom squad type movements.

Space is EXTREMELY limited so sign up right now!

And if you plan on attending bring your pom poms. Don’t have any? Well Renegade will bring them for YOU! Just message us by Thursday.

To register click here:

Superior Street Construction & Parking

As of the posting of this newsletter Superior Street construction is still underway but is close to being finished.

If you are attending IN STUDIO classes please give yourself extra time to get to class and use the Skywalk for the time being. There is parking in the Holiday Ramp as well as on 1st Street.

The good news is that once construction is done there is going to be PLENTY of parking right outside the studio!

FREE Turkey Burn Zumba/Dance Cardio VIRTUAL Special Event!

Thanksgiving this year is going to look a lot different for all of us but one thing you can count on is our annual Black Friday Turkey Burn Class!

This year the class will be Virtual, free and fo’ sure full of fun.

Join Angie, Anna, Karen, Christine and Dan at 12p on Friday November 27th for 45 minutes of calorie burning moves.

And yes. We will be in front of our green screen and we got quite the background picked out!

To register click here:

Tell Your Friends!

We’re not going to lie. Things are pretty darn tough financially when it comes to the studio. As you can imagine we are one of the many small businesses hurting due to the pandemic.

We appreciate your support and if you could tell your friends about us we would appreciate you even more than we already do.

And hey, if you want to donate to our cause click here:

Thank you!


  • Virtual Christmas Zumba/Dance Cardio Party!
  • PomSquad Fitness with Christine both IN STUDIO & VIRTUAL. Shoot us a message about what day and time you would like to see this!!