October Comments

“I “heart” CPS (aka Christine Pfeiffer Stocke)!”

“Mo’s energy is contagious.  I had a blast.  Laughed the whole time” – Jocelyn

“Angie’s amazing at instructing.  You guys should hire her as a Zumba Instructor.” 

Thanks for all the positive feedback you guys.  All of our Instructors work really hard to give you a good and fun workout so we love hearing we are doing  a good job.

“Doing the same set 3x’s  a week is boring.  Please switch it up.”

Gotcha!!  Mix it up!!  But just so you know when we have new routines most Instructors will keep them in every playlist until everyone is comfortable with the choreography.   But we’ll remind our Instructors to keep the overall playlist varied  for each class.

“Please schedule a yoga class on Sundays.”

Yoga classes on Sunday are a great way to end the weekend and start the week.  Right now on the first Sunday of the month we offer Yoga Live which is a restorative and reinvigorating yoga class that is accompanied by live music from area musicians.  The next Yoga Live class is scheduled for Sunday December 6th at 4pm.  Hopefully when our new schedule comes out we could add a yoga class permanently to the Sunday schedule so keep watching.