September Comments

“Great to have Dawn back.  Bummed to have no weekday Chasity this schedule.  Would love early a.m. classes like before work.  6:30 or 7, maybe?

We are all happy Dawn is back!!  She is here teaching Zumba and has started a new class called Choreo Core. As far as early morning classes go we have tried them in the past but unfortunately there was little to no attendance.  But here’s an idea, if you want to get an early morning workout then talk to  Jill about scheduling some private training!!  Your workout on your schedule!!

“I really hope to see more toning classes.  I have noticed a difference since starting them.  Think it is challenging and fun too” – Stephanie

The new schedule started on Monday September 14th and unfortunately due to low numbers we removed Zumba Toning from the fall schedule.  Our schedule changes three times a year: January, May and September.  If you want to see certain classes, instructors, class times, etc. please let us know.  And if you want to make sure a class stays on the schedule make sure you come and maybe even bring some friends!!

“I would love if Mo taught another Zumba class!!  Or Zumba Burst.  She is fun and makes me sweat.  Thank You!!  Ha!! – Allison

Thanks, Allison.  And who doesn’t love Mo?  As we have said in the past we like to keep a variety of instructors rotating throughout the schedule so everyone can have a class with their favorite or even have the opportunity to try someone or something new.  We also like to keep the classes as evenly distributed between Instructors as possible.  We are glad that you connected with Mo and even though our schedule is set through January keep checking MindBody and our facebook page so you know when Mo is subbing.

“Buti Yoga makes me feel strong and makes me feel loved.  Thank you.”

You are strong!!  You are loved!!  And if you want more lovin’ then you are in luck.  We have added some more Buti Yoga to the fall schedule. plus keep your eyes open for the return of Buti Nights Glow Yoga in a few weeks.  And remember Zstudio is the only place in the Northland for Buti Yoga!!

“Awe – More Chasity and toning and mix during week. 6:30?  We will be sad now. – Linda

“I love Chasity’s Zumba Mix and Toning Classes” – Melissa C.

Chasity’s class was good and I hope she will have more classes including Wed.”-Wing

“Chasity is so full of energy it keeps me wanting to push harder, I love class.” -Alex

“I was sad to see Chasity’s 5:30 Friday class cancelled.  Loved Toning and Zumba Mix.”- Joan

Wow!!  Lots of comments stuffing the comment box for Chas this month.  While Chas might not be on the schedule as much as you like this go round, she still rocks her 5pm Zumba class on Sundays so be sure to catch her then.  And if you miss toning we’re sure that if you ask real nice she’ll throw in some toning routines from time to time 🙂