“Bring back Sun earlier class-like the 1pm-as early as 11am would be nice.  More Renee!”

We would love to but we go based upon our instructors availability.  If we do not have the instructor availability we cannot have a class:(  Renee’s schedule wouldn’t allow for her to continue teaching the Sunday classes.

“Bathroom area is really dark-if maybe a lamp could be put back there-“

We do not have an outlet in that area at this time so until we fix this please leave the light on in the bathroom during business hours.  Thanks

“Really missing 10am Saturday Zumba.”

We do offer Zumba at 9am and again at 11am on Saturdays.  The 10am Pilates class between works well with these classes.  Maybe try coming to the 10am Pilates and staying for the 11am Zumba or the 9am Zumba and 10am Pilates:)  Also, if many people would like class times to be a bit different having all of these suggestions for a specific class at a specific time would be beneficial if a name was put to the comment to authenticate the number of people requesting said class:)

“We miss Sarah!  But InZanity is still cool!”

We miss Sarah dearly too and hope she is bringing her amazing energy to the people around her on her new venture! Thanks for continuing to participate in Inzanity!

I <3 NOON ZUMBA!  Go Christine! You Da Bomb”
I <3 Zstudio 4-EVA”

Awe, *blush*, we love you all too!  Wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all our lovely Zstudio peeps!

Keep the comments and suggestions coming. 
***Especially class type/day/time suggestions***