Small Group Outdoor Training!!

Has cabin fever got to you?  Well beginning Tuesday May 5th through June 30th Zstudio will be offering a Small Group Fitness Class held at various locations outside!!

Research continues to show the many benefits of outdoor fitness, which include dramatic increases in fitness level, the ability to burn more calories, a measurable reduction in stress, increased immunity and increased feelings of well-being.

Each class will be  different but you can expect a warm-up, muscular strength and toning exercises, cardiovascular activities, balance exercises, flexibility, abdominal and core stability, and more all from the Lakewalk to the beach!

Groups will not exceed 8 people. And due to the limited spaces in class, pre-registration is mandatory.

Classes will be Tuesdays at 4:15pm with location TBD.

Classes will be weather permitting and will be rescheduled if weather forces a cancellation.

Cost is $10 for drop ins or the 9 week package paid in advance is $75 and is savings of over 15%.  The package is non-refundable.