Welcome Naomi Christensen Ignite Studio’s New Be Fly Instructor

This girl can make your spirit soar!

You have seen her in our Be Fly classes. You have seen her as a choreographer and performer in Dances on the Lakewalk. And now you are about to see a lot more of her and we couldn’t be happier.

She is already part of the family but now Naomi Christenson is our latest Instructor to join our krew!

Come check out her classes this fall. And until you can, here is a little bit more about Naomi for now.

Hi there! I’m Naomi. I’m a dancer and have performed in a number of venues around Duluth since moving here in 2010. I took my first aerial class in June of 2017 and knew immediately that I’d stumbled upon a real goldmine; these classes were going to get me in great shape for performing! And they have done just that. Aerial classes are a true full-body workout–building muscle in your arms, hands, core and legs while increasing your flexibility and balance. I love the challenge and beauty of working in silks and am excited to be able to share that with others.

By the  way Naomi is an amazingly talented artist. Check out her work HERE.