Welcome to Our Temporary Home!!

We did it!!  We managed to move the studio with very little class interruption and want to thank you all for being so supportive.  A big thanks goes out to those that took time from their personal lives to help us out.

As we adjust to our new space we welcome comments and suggestions to help us better the experience.  First, though, we would like to address some issues that we are already aware of as well as some new policies.


The Mirrors –

It was our intention to move the mirrors down to where we need them for classes but because these mirrors were so improperly installed we were unable to move them safely, let alone at all.  We are currently working with the landlord, the owner of the mirrors and local glass companies to rectify the problem.


Class size-

Since we are in a smaller space we ask that in order to secure your spot you sign up ahead of time either by creating an account at www.mindbodyonline.com or by downloading the app.  You can also facebook message Zstudio, call and/or text any of the owners.  If you do sign up for class please arrive on time as your spot will only be held for 5 minutes after the start of class.  If you are late your spot will go to someone on the waiting list.


Personal items –

Please leave all personal items in the back or have the front desk store them in one of the cubbies up front.  Only water bottles and towels will be allowed on the floor.  This is not only because of limited space but also to prevent injuries and damage of property.


Mats –

Since we don’t have room up front to place mats to be cleaned we are changing this procedure.  Upon the completion of class sterilizing wipes will be handed out and you will clean them and then put them away,  If weights are used they can be returned to the front desk and will be cleaned by the us.


Class length –

In order to ease transition instead of ending classes with 5 minutes in between we are ending classes with 10 minutes in between.  Whether you are leaving a class or coming onto the floor for a class please remember to be courteous to all participants.